Take advantage of our ...

  • Strong network of sub-contractors in all of Europe

Our employees ...

  • speak German, English, Polish, Italian, Greek, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Slovakian
  • take full responsibility for the complete disposition for the vehicles used

Our services:

  • 24-hour service
  • Partial and complete loads
  • Long-term projects, planned in advance, handle short notice, last minute transports for special terms and requirements
  • Special and express service with smaller trucks such as AVIA, DAF etc.
  • Next to standard lorries we can offer you Euro-saddle trailers, refrigerated and special lorries for transporting dangerous good and hazardous chemicals

Insurance of goods and transport

  • Due to our close business relation with Regent Insurance Brokers, a well known and sophisticated insurance company we can offer you cost effective premiums.
  Saddle-trailers Thermo-trailers Avia
  semi-trailer roadtrain semi-trailer roadtrain smaller lorries
length  (max.): 13,65 m 15,60 m 13,3 m 15,60 m 7 m
height  (max.): 3,00 m 3,20 m 2,60 m 2,75 m 2,60 m
width (max.): 2,50 m 2,50 m 2,45 m 2,45 m 2,40 m
volume (max.): 100 cbm 120 cbm 85 cbm 105 cbm 42 cbm
loading capacity (max.): 25.000 kg 25.000 kg 23.000 kg 23.000 kg 3.500 kg
no. of pall. capacity (max.): 34 Europal. 38 Europal. 34 Europal. 38 Europal. 16 Europal.
hazardous goods (ADR): yes yes yes yes yes
posibility of changing the pallets.: yes yes yes yes yes